Saturday, May 7, 2011


Waste, especially synthetic waste, is of increasing interest to artist and designer as resource.

Renowned conceptual artist Dan Peterman is a pioneer in this field. The staple of his work consists of furniture in multi-colored grey tones created from recycled "consumed" plastic. For instance 'Running Table' is a public picnic table created from the equivalent of two million plastic milk bottles. Other furniture is created from the anual plastic waste of a certain number of people.

In 'Store (Cheese)' Dan Peterman came up with a solution to dumping DDT-contaminated milk by turning it into cheese as a modulatory minimalistic work of art.

In 'Bottle Cap Pasta' Peterman makes Pasta using a utensil with a used bottle cap to shape the dough. The installation further contains recycled plastic floor, pallets and tables and refrigerators.

Dan Peterman, 'Running Table' (1997)

Dan Peterman, 'Store (Cheese)' (1991-1993)

Dan Peterman, 'Bottle Cap Pasta' (2001)

Dan Peterman, 'Bottle Cap Pasta (detail)' (2001)

Dan Peterman, 'Accessories to an Event (Ahlen)' (2003)

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