Thursday, February 9, 2012


French sculptor Cyril Le Van reproduces our superficial world in paper and lots of staples.

Among the most superficial objects that surround us are the designer athletes shoe: the 'trainer'.

If you can't be an athlete at least be a fashionista.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sexual energy is the most powerful kind in this universe, as everybody knows. However, it also keeps you fit and shipshape.

Both theories are proven in this 1953 issue of WINK magazine: a whirl of girls.
The cover art is by Peter Dribben.
The legendary electrifying Bettie Page is featured as one of the DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE! samples.
... especially energizing for tired business man! (wink)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Kati Heck (German - living and working in Antwerp, Belgium) concentrates mostly on painting, but sculpture and installation art are also part of her work. In both the same techniques are used: skilled collages seemingly dealing with the absurdity of daily life.

Food and eating is a reoccurring theme in Heck's work, just like drinking, sex, banality and cruelty.

Her paintings are a fluent combination of keen photorealism and chaotic expressionist brush strokes, not unlike the combination of the Franfurter's firm geometry and it's sloppy dollop of mustard.

Kati Heck, 'That’s Not How We Do Things Around Here' (2007)

Kati Heck, 'Dabeisein Ist Alles' (2006)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Heavy metal enthusiast and graphic artist Štěpán Adámek from Prague preferably sees himself in a healthy manly profession: the butcher.
Meat proteins are badly needed when practising sports.
Sports seem to be another of Adámek's healthy interests
... although

Štěpán Adámek, 'Self Portrait'

Štěpán Adámek, 'Untitled'

Štěpán Adámek, 'Kozel' (trans. 'Billy Goat')

Štěpán Adámek, 'Babice' (trans. 'Old Woman')

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


'Dumpster- and Recycling-artist' Ron van der Ende makes realistic bas-reliefs from salvaged wood, recycling timber from torn down houses.

His beautifully marbled steak combines nicely with his woodstack and charcoaled piece of firewood: an instant recycled art barbeque!

By the way. Ron also runs a blog called artbbq listing fellow artist's studio playlists. Can't be a coincidence.

Ron van der Ende, 'Still Life', 2010

Ron van der Ende, 'On Re-Entry (Burning Log)', 2010

Ron van der Ende, 's.t. (Wood Stack)', 2011

Also see here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Waste, especially synthetic waste, is of increasing interest to artist and designer as resource.

Renowned conceptual artist Dan Peterman is a pioneer in this field. The staple of his work consists of furniture in multi-colored grey tones created from recycled "consumed" plastic. For instance 'Running Table' is a public picnic table created from the equivalent of two million plastic milk bottles. Other furniture is created from the anual plastic waste of a certain number of people.

In 'Store (Cheese)' Dan Peterman came up with a solution to dumping DDT-contaminated milk by turning it into cheese as a modulatory minimalistic work of art.

In 'Bottle Cap Pasta' Peterman makes Pasta using a utensil with a used bottle cap to shape the dough. The installation further contains recycled plastic floor, pallets and tables and refrigerators.

Dan Peterman, 'Running Table' (1997)

Dan Peterman, 'Store (Cheese)' (1991-1993)

Dan Peterman, 'Bottle Cap Pasta' (2001)

Dan Peterman, 'Bottle Cap Pasta (detail)' (2001)

Dan Peterman, 'Accessories to an Event (Ahlen)' (2003)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


If you want to lower your fuel consumption and you live in a really sunny place solar cooking is the new fad.

Solar cookers are easy to build. Apparently even a few pieces of cardboard from an old box and some tin foil will do. Give it a try when summer comes (as an alternative to -or combined with- your BBQ)!

Retail solar cookers are available as well (bottom picture).

Of course you need to have all your cooking done before sundown.