Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Kati Heck (German - living and working in Antwerp, Belgium) concentrates mostly on painting, but sculpture and installation art are also part of her work. In both the same techniques are used: skilled collages seemingly dealing with the absurdity of daily life.

Food and eating is a reoccurring theme in Heck's work, just like drinking, sex, banality and cruelty.

Her paintings are a fluent combination of keen photorealism and chaotic expressionist brush strokes, not unlike the combination of the Franfurter's firm geometry and it's sloppy dollop of mustard.

Kati Heck, 'That’s Not How We Do Things Around Here' (2007)

Kati Heck, 'Dabeisein Ist Alles' (2006)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Heavy metal enthusiast and graphic artist Štěpán Adámek from Prague preferably sees himself in a healthy manly profession: the butcher.
Meat proteins are badly needed when practising sports.
Sports seem to be another of Adámek's healthy interests
... although

Štěpán Adámek, 'Self Portrait'

Štěpán Adámek, 'Untitled'

Štěpán Adámek, 'Kozel' (trans. 'Billy Goat')

Štěpán Adámek, 'Babice' (trans. 'Old Woman')